About Us

Barry SmithBarry SmithOwner Barry Smith, apprenticed with Joseph Jenkins, author of “The Slate Roof Bible” in 1995-96, just as Joe was finishing up the book. From Joe, Barry learned all the basic slate skills, including flashing repairs, masonry/chimney repairs, and safe work practices. In addition to learning about slate roof repair and installation, Barry was able to contribute to the book as a photographer, photo subject, and proof reader. Once Barry established his own business, Joe remained a valuable source of information and advice.

Barry Smith Slate Roofing, Inc. was established in the summer of 1996 and for the first 3 years was a one man show. This was good training to learn all of the aspects of the business.  Currently, Barry is a past president of, and is currently serving a 3 year term on the Board of Directors of the Slate Roof Contractors Association of North America.

Barry has three children.


Our Crew - 2013

Left to Right: Jason Klemm, Josh Denham, Chris Weilacher and Brian Sullivan

Foreman Jason Klemm,  started with the company in 2000,  after working in construction for 12 years.

Foreman Jason Klemm
over 14 Years of Experience in Slate Roofing
& 12+ Years of Experience in Construction

Assistant Foreman Chris Weilacher

           Assistant Foreman                  Chris Weilacher               Over 7 years Slate Roofing Experience


Assistant Foreman Brian Sullivan

       Assistant Foreman                     Brian Sullivan              Over 4 Years Slate Roofing Experience