We specialize in repairing and restoring existing slate roofs. Broken and missing slates, leaking flashings (the metal in valleys, around chimneys, on the ridge, etc.), and improper repairs can all be replaced, giving your slate roof as much as another lifetime of service.

We do chimney top masonry work. Finding a mason willing and able to work on a slate roof is very difficult. Chimneys can be pointed, replaced, or removed. We can fabricate and install chimney caps.

We also specialize in half round gutter installation. This was often the original style of gutter when the roof was new. Half round gutter can be installed so that sliding snow and ice will not tear it down.

We do copper and other sheet metal fabrication, such as: Soldered, flat seam panel roofs and basins; standing seam roofs, chimney caps, pipe flashings, and built-in gutter linings.

We install snow guards and fences to hold the snow on the roof so that it won’t cause damage below.

We can provide inspection and consulting services.

After you contact us:

If your roof is within our home area (about an hour from Union City), then we will come and do an inspection of your roof for no charge. Outside of that area, there will be a charge to come and look at your roof. The goal is to provide you with an understanding of what you have up there, what work needs done now, and what may need done in the future. We will submit a specific proposal to do the needed work. Once you sign, date, and return one copy of the proposal to us, then you will be put on the schedule. Typically, our backlog is between 2 weeks to 2 months out.

Common mistakes made repairing a slate roof:

  1. The slate is a variety that is at the end of its useful life, and the roofer doesn’t tell the owner this, and instead does an extensive repair. A lot of money can be wasted in this manner. Some slate will last hundreds of years on the roof, and some types less than 100 years. We will provide you with an estimate of the remaining life of your slate roof.
  2. Workers walk directly on the slate. This is a sure sign of a rookie who doesn’t know what he’s doing. We will repair your roof without causing additional damage.
  3. Slates are patched with tar, or are replaced and secured with exposed nails. These are short-term repairs only. A slate repair should be done so that it will last as long as the rest of the roof.
  4. Replacement slates don’t match the rest of the roof. We have an extensive slate yard, and normally have the right shape and variety in stock. If we don’t, we know where to find it.
  5. Flashings aren’t painted. Though flashings can be replaced, their life can be greatly extended by keeping them painted.
  6. Leaking flashings are covered with tar. This is a very short-term fix, and should only be done as such. We completely remove the old metal, and replace it with new, usually with copper.
  7. Gutters are installed by nailing through the eave slates. This is a very common, very destructive practice. Usually, they are also installed too high, so that when the snow slides down the roof, the gutters and slates they are nailed to, are damaged or completely torn off.
  8. Not enough snow guards are installed. The result of this is that the snow will start to slide and will tear off or damage the overworked snow guards, and maybe do some slate damage. Enough snow guards have to be installed so that the snow is held securely and never begins to slide.